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  1. heeeey?? where are you??
  2. it seems like you like monkeys videos lately :P
  3. i like you profile video :)
  4. lol XD


    cuty cuty cuty!!! (KKKK)

  5. Have a nice dayyyy!!!!!



    muaaaaaaaaaaa (kkkk)

  6. okay lets try this









  7. no pics till the end of the month ^^
  8. haha my audi rs5 is gonna look better!!!


  9. (kkkk)


    have a nice day :)

  10. he acts like he is smoking cigars.. driving cool cars.. and and drinking expensive whiskey


    but im the hard one.. thats all fake!


    :P, i like roses because they are red.. like the BLOOD XD

  11. haha im not romantic..

    maybe florian told you i am, but he is the flower in our relationship



    trust me ^^



  12. can be yes ^^


    tell me about it in the noon


    have a nice day :)

  13. Dankeschön ^^
  14. I'm still working on it... ^^
  15. ^^ good night
  16. I'm a naugthy girl.. i like to play with fire...


    but dont tell my boyfriend XD

  17. Who are you, sexy??



  18. nice profile XD
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