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  1. we should check out the one in chester. just to make nina jealous. sounds good :-P
  2. nina

    okay, then tell me if you have been there... ;o)
  3. Maria

    Good food is a very good reason to travel XD actually there's a jamie oliver restaurant in Chester (the closest town to wrexham) i have never been there but i think could be a "must" before we leave the uk in summer ^^ the problem is.. i think would be very expensive to eat there, but maybe is worth it hehe we will see...
  4. nina

    then we just have to wait and see what he is going to decide... :o)

    either london or amsterdam, in both places you could visit a restaurant of jamie oliver... ^^

    maybe that's what I would do, but I have to admit that I am a great fan of good food ;o)

  5. Maria

    yes, i think here in wales we also have problems with food... or should i say.. with fast food..fat and creamy are the main food properties here, but i have to admit that here is sweets and candies paradise, if you are into this kind of pleasures ^^


    actually florian is trying to decide where to go, london or amsterdam, i have been already in those two places so i let this desicion for him. but actually i think would be a good idea go where we can find some people to visit the place with :)

  6. nina

    well, I wouldn't be sure that studying in holland is better than it is in wales.

    I am studying now in my fourth year in the netherlands, but I didn't like it that much. At least the cities near Germany are very expensive to live, the food isn't very good and is expensive as well . Typical dutch food isn't that recommendable - except for the "stroopwaffels" which are really really sweet and really really good waffles. If you should ever come and visit Maastricht (where I studied for the first two years) you should also try the french fries by "Reitz" with special sauce, because these are the very best french fries one has ever tasted.

    I have to admit that in the four years of Holland I didn't manage to go to Amsterdam, but I am planning to do that in a few months, when I am done studying. If Flo and you are deciding to visit Amsterdam, you should come by and visit us (it's not that far, maybe an hour by bus) :o)

  7. Maria

    thanks ^^


    florian told me you are right now in holland studing, how is it going? I guess holland has to be at least a nicer place than wales.


  8. nina

    what a very nice purple profile ;o)
  9. jaja... das stimmt (leider).

    bin in letzter zeit irgendwie nur selten, und dann kurz online.


    aber es kommen bestimmt auch mal wieder bessere zeiten! *topmodel*

  10. ja von mrs. pinky hört man auch nur noch selten...


    lieben gruß,


    nina ;o)

  11. ...und macht richtig laune auf urlaub :)
  12. schönes cover.
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